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ICT Consultants is a multi-national company formed in November, 2000, Headquartered in Austin, TX. Which is one of the nation’s leading high tech locations.

ICT Consultants saw the need to form its strategy and business focus around providing value, but not at the expense of quality. After an in-depth market analysis, ICT realized that although there was a general void of quality web & database solution providers, it was mostly small- to medium-sized businesses that were in dire need of such services. The ICT team also fully comprehended the financial constraints under which these businesses operated.

From that time onwards, ICT has been offering quality web, database & programming solutions and services that specifically address the need of small- to medium-sized businesses. Since affordable price and customer service accompany such services, ICT’s client base has been increasing quickly.

ICT Consultants focus is on undertaking core programming needs across multiple platforms, languages and disciplines, and doing so in a competitive, cost effective fashion. We will not compromise the quality of our work to compete in a “discount” environment, but we will provide high quality, top notch programming services that are extremely competitive in terms of investment, especially when compared to traditional U.S. based custom software providers.

We are able to do this because ICT Consultants offers the distinct benefit of having our own domestic and overseas programmers who are employees NOT contractors, AND having U.S. based Project Managers on staff to facilitate creation of cutting edge solutions. This helps your company avoid the pitfalls associated with hiring outsourced labor, while enabling us to provide extreme value, and affordable, top quality programming services to businesses of all sizes.

Do not put your project at risk by attempting to outsource and find competent contractors overseas, contact ICT-Consultants, we can provide you with comparable programming costs as an outsourced solution provider might offer, BUT with the peace of mind knowing that you will be working with a U.S. based Company with U.S. based Project Managers and Quality Control.

Insite Solutions
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